Welcome to the Yolo County Cattlemen and Wool Growers Association

We are a group of livestock owners and producers working together to support, educate and encourage the cattle and sheep industry here in Yolo County. Our members reflect the County’s diverse agricultural heritage. From large ranches to small farms, our members are committed to keeping our ranching traditions strong as Yolo County grows and changes.

One of our goals is education. Through our association with the Californian Cattleman’s Association and other State and Federal agencies, we provide our members information about recent changes in regulations that effect all livestock owners. We also want to inform the public as to how current and proposed legislation will effect our families, our farms and our ranches.

We need your support and your encouragement. If you own rural property in Yolo County or contribute to the livestock industry through your business or group, you need to become a member today. Besides, we throw a great BBQ!

Yolo County Cattlemen & Wool Growers' Association 2016 Carcass Contest Winners

2016 Carcass Contest Winners